Specialty Services

Marble Care & Restoration

The secret to a beautiful stone is in its care. EMS can deliver the right results by providing the following services to your stone:

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Refinishing
  • Restoration
  • Repairs

Carpet Care

EMS uses the latest technology to clean commercial grade carpeting, leaving it in like-new conditions. Whether dry, low moister, or full hot water extraction, our experienced floor technicians will make sure that your investment is properly serviced.

See how EMS can maximize the life of your carpets by implementing the proper carpet care program.

Striping & Waxing

EMS can work with your existing budget and provide a floor care program to properly maintain your hard floors.
Our programs include:

  • Studies of your surface types for maximum results on our processes
  • A detailed frequency schedule, broken out by activity
  • Information on our Chemical program selected by the need of the project

Pressure Washing

EMS will pressure wash your parking lots, garages, buildings and practically any "washable" surface and produce noticeable results.
EMS uses pre, during, and post processes to maximize the result of our efforts. Also, in our efforts of being "green" our technicians use environmentally sound products that can be safely drained and not leave any harmful residue.
Contact us and see how EMS can provide a quality, safe product at competitive price.

Event Cleaning & Staffing Services

Entire Maintenance Solutions provides an array of event support services to catering, event, and industry-related groups throughout South Florida. No matter the size, big or small, global or intimate, EMS has the personnel, equipment, and resources to effectively service any event.

From setting up, to manning the event, to cleaning up, taking down, and hauling out, EMS will work with your planner to coordinate your function from start to finish.

Need personnel to direct the guests, parking, or the venue's restrooms? No matter the need, with EMS, you're covered!

Our staffing support includes positions such as:

  • Restroom Attendant
  • Vehicle and Body Traffic Personnel
  • Information Attendants
  • Bus Boys
  • Party Set Up & Take Down Support Staff

Contact us for a more information on our event support services!

Facility Supplies

EMS provides all of the supplies, equipment & support to maintain your faciltity(s)' supply needs. We are experts in the custodial industry & can care the right product & support for you to get the job done, incuding:

  • Can Liners & Trash Bags
  • Chemical Management Systems
  • Feminine Hygiene
  • Matting Systems
  • Powered Cleaning Equipment
  • Towel, Tissue & Wiper Systems & Equipment
  • Skin Care & Personal Hygiene
  • Absorbents
  • Cleaners
  • Degreasers
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Safety Supplies & Personal Protection
  • Totes
  • Work Wear

Green Cleaning

Today, more than ever, owners and managers understand the importance of being green. Words like "sustainability" & "environmentally conscious" are being heard more and more in the commercial real estate market. For this, EMS has created a comprehensive program to help our customers in their efforts to make their facilities "green".

EMS evaluates all of the potentially green areas of a commercial and/or residential property & can offer owners and managers with ways to increase its green objectives while helping to reduce their carbon footprint. From our products, to our equipment, to our cleaning processes, Entire Maintenance Solutions maximizes its effects on "Green" ultimately helping our customers meet the highest safety & health standards.<.p>

Learn how EMS can help your company improve and increase the quality of your facility's indoor environment & overall cleaning quality.

"Service Driven and Environmentally Conscious" - that's EMS' Company Practice.