Sweeping Services

EMS has a fleet of sweepers to power sweep any facility no matter the size. We are committed in providing our services with a high level of attention to detail through frequent quality control inspections and constant customer feedback.

EMS can provide electronic and hard copy reports of our sweeper's activities down to the speed in which they are performing their work through a real time GPS tracking system. This is especially handy for cities that require documentation of services received.

With EMS' General Maintenance Division, we can not only report problems such as damaged tire stops, curbs, lighting fixtures and signs, but we can also provide immediate solutions and repair the deficiency right away.

EMS' Services include:

  • Picking & Blowing of Landscaped Islands
  • Sweeping & Blowing out of Hard to Reach Areas
  • Replacement of Receptacle Liners
  • Blowing of All Areas Throughout Property(s)